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 how to solve any lag or skipping problems

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PostSubject: how to solve any lag or skipping problems   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:51 pm

i'd thought i'd write about a frequently asked Q and that's lag . ahh lag in ur psp happens for several reasons and they are :

1- fake memory stick ( how do u know ur mem. stick is fake or not just
scroll to music or game press triangle and select info. if it says
magic gate supported than it's original if it says magic gate unkown
then it is fake )

2- it's in cso what's what's cso it's a type of format a psp can be in
there are 2 kinds iso and cso format what's the diff. the cso is
compressed causing some problems but the iso is bigger and yes u can
convert from iso to cso and vise versa how to do that is by using some
programs i use IML2ISO it's a good program

3- bad copy of the game

4- the game it self need the psp to work with certain software spped (
clock speed) how to change the speed is simple just open the psp then
press the select button a menu should pop then u should see something
that says clock speed now the default is 222 mhz the highest speed is
33 mhz see what works best for u but for most games the default works
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how to solve any lag or skipping problems

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