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 Make a Pandora Battery Without a homebrew PSP

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PostSubject: Make a Pandora Battery Without a homebrew PSP   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:48 pm

Ok, so you want to unbrick or downgrade your PSP but don't have a PSP
capable of running homebrew apps. No problem! In this tutorial I will
show you how to modify the battery's hardware to make it activate
service mode.
note that while this concept may work on non-Sony batteries, only
official batteries are guaranteed to have the same internals, so we
recommend using one.


The first thing you need to do is obviously crack open the battery.
Surprisingly, the battery isn't very hard to get in to. In this picture
you can see that I'm just using a guitar pick to slide in through an
edge and slide around the perimeter of the battery to seperate the two


Next, we need to locate a certain chip. The chip has the model number
S93C56 printed on it. We are going to need to desolder pin 5 and lift
it off of the board. Here is a magnified view of the board, which shows
where the chip is and which pin needs to be lifted.

Newer batteries have a much smaller board with a different layout. The
same chip needs to have the pin lifted, but the chip is in a different
position. Once you've located chip S93C56, the rest of the instructions
are basically the same. This has been confirmed with the 2200 mAH
Official Sony battery.


If you are not confident in your soldering skills, have a less than
steady hand or have a larger-than-optimal sized tip, please desolder
the cell pack from the battery first. If you make contact between pins
5 and 6 then you will short ground to +3.6VDC! Not good! When
desoldering the cell, only keep the iron on long enough to melt the
solder. If you can, use a higher wattage iron so that the tip will be
hotter, but you won't transfer as much heat to the cell pack. Remember
that heat + Li-Ion battery = large explosion (t3h sux0r5, unless you
get in on video. Twisted Evil Seriously though, this operation is not
for the faint hearted, and should definitely not be your first
soldering experience. I recommend trying your hand on lifting the pins
on an N64 CPU chip. Surely if you spend enough time here you have a
couple killed N64 mobos laying around. Razz)

Now is actually desoldering the pin. There are a few ways you could do
this, but I think my method is the best because its less likely to
damage components near by. Use an Xacto knife with a sharp tip and try
to put it underneath the pin. Get somebody to hold a soldering iron
(WITH A VERY FINE CONICAL TIP!) on the pin. When the solder melts you
can pop the pin up with the knife. Be sure not to hold the iron on the
board too long to avoid the lithium battery from getting too hot and
exploding. When your done it will look something like this.


Finally, close the battery's casing. Use some Krazy Glue to keep it
closed, or just use electrical tape around the edges like I did. I
don't actually recommend the electrical tape as it makes the battery
very snug in the compartment and it takes a bit of force to get it out.
You can use the battery just like a regular Pandora's battery. As for
getting the Memory Stick files, I can tell you that they are out there
and you can find them after a bit of Googling. However, I can't tell
you exactly where to find them as they contain copyrighted Sony code,
and sharing them is illegal.

How does this work?

The pin that we just lifted was actually the ground pin of the EEPROM.
Removing this pin effectively shuts off the EEPROM. When the
microcontroller inside the battery tries to read the EEPROM, it will
think the EEPROM contains all 1s (in binary). This is because of the
pull-up resistors on the data lines. So the microcontroller returns a
serial number of 0xFFFFFFFF to the PSP, which then goes into service

Thank you for reading this, and if you have any questions, make sure to post and I'll try to help you!


One wire Pandora battery for slim or Phat

Phat Battery

Slim Battery

You can use this easy installer

sendspace.com rd13nw

to create mem stick NOTE: you must still format your MS logically.

1) Use mspformat.exe from the Pandora's Folder to format the Memory Stick.

*Open any folder, From the upper menu select Tools-->Folder
Options...-->View-->unmark "Hide Extensions for known File
Types"--> Apply an then OK.

*Then Copy the "mspformat.exe" from the mspformat folder inside the Padora's Folder to [My Computer/C:]

*Now Open up "Run" from your PC and type in "cmd" and a Black Window should pop up.

*In the Black Window, type in cd c:\ and then hit enter. This should appear, C:\>

*type mspformat.exe YourPSPDriveLetter (example: since mines is letter M, it will look like this, mspformat.exe m)

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 662x332.

*Type in Y and hit ENTER. FORMAT COMPLETED... (if you see any files that still exist inside your MS, Delete them manually)

2) Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
3) Re-Connect the Memory Stick again via the USB connection of the PSP.
4) Install files using the installer!
5) Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
6) Reinsert the memory stick and run the app "battery creator" on the PSP.

Quick guide to converting your battery

If you only have one battery and want to unbrick your PSP, you can.

1) Convert your battery into a jigkick one using "Pandora's Battery
Creator", but before you press X, press TRIANGLE to backup your
battery's EEPROM to ms0:/eeprom.bin
2) Unbrick your PSP as normal
3) When you are done unbricking, take out the battery and the magic
memory stick. Start up the PSP using the AC adaptor (do not try to use
a USB charger, it will not start up)
4) Insert the magic memory stick and the magic battery
5) Run "Pandora's Battery Creator" again
6) Press L+R to restore the ms0:/eeprom.bin to your battery

NOTE: You can also restore a battery without having made a backup, by
pressing SQUARE at step 6. This will generate a fake serial for your
battery (0x12345678) which allows it to work normally, but there could
be side-effects.

Have fun, and thanks to everyone in the Prometheus/C+D team.

7) Save Eeprom (the app will close)...Re-open the app and press x to convert battery.
Cool You've got yourself magic memory stick + jigkick!


- Insert Memory Stick into the PSP
- Remove power cord and insert the JigKick Battery into the PSP.
- A menu appears when the PSP boots. Follow the onscreen information
and instructions.
- Choose the option to downgrade to 1.5!
- That's it! have done!
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Make a Pandora Battery Without a homebrew PSP

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