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 Wanna Play your PSP on your Computer Monitor?

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PostSubject: Wanna Play your PSP on your Computer Monitor?   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:47 pm

Heres the steps:

-First Download This Package And Extract To Your Desktop.


megaupload.com QVWJOX8P

-Make Sure You Have Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 installed.

-Now you need to install the PSP drivers to your PC.

1) Connect you PSP to your PC and copy the "PSPLink" folder from the
"PSP FW 3.XX OE" to ms0:/PSP/GAME3XX folder. If you do not have
the"GAME3XX" folder in the "PSP" folder, create it.

2)On you PSP got to "Games" and run "PSPLink". DO NOT DISCONNET THE USB!

3)On your PC you should see a window that says "New Hardware Device" or
something like that. (Should be PSP Type B) A window will pop up--the
Install new harware window-- hit the "No" bullet first, then next.
There will be two options in this part, choose
"Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)".

4)On the next window chose "Specific Location" (or something like that)
and BROWSE for the "LibUSB/driver" folder inside of the "RemotejoySDL
GUI" folder.

5)Click NEXT and it should install the drivers. Then click FINISHED. You are now done with the PC part of this.

(If you screw this part up [I did once] just opposite click "My
Computer, go to the "Harware" tab, and you can uninstall PSP Type B
from there, and then you can install it again...)

Now For The PSP Plugins.

1) Go to the USB Connection on your PSP.

2) Copy the "SEPlugins" folder from the "PSP FW 3.XX OE" folder to the root of your memory stick.

3) Now open the "SEPlugins" folder and open the "GAME" txt file in Notepad and delete everything on it and add these lines


4) Save the txt file. And turn off the PSP and go into the RECOVERY MENU and enable the plugins. Then restart the PSP.


5) Load any game you want and make sure you skip the intros and load your save game, if any.

6) After doing that on your PC run the "RemotejoyGUI" from the "RemotejoySDL GUI" folder.

7) A windows should pop up with four options. From left to right it shoudl say "USBHost FS" "PSPSH" "Window Mode" "Fullscreen"

Cool Click start on the "USBHost FS" and then click on "With FPS on the "Window Mode" or "Fullscreen"

9) The game should show up on the PC if not press F3.

Thats it! Hope it worked for ya! Works for me, and Now Im gonna go kick back and play FF&L Crisis Core on my LCD Flatscreen

Ok, I'm going to say this because alot of people are having problems: YOU NEED TO HAVE THE MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK INSTALLED!!!!
That should eliminate any kind of PC problems, if you are having PSP
probs I suggest downgrading to M33 Firmware 3.52 or 3.71. (any version
of those two work the best)

Make sure you read the instructions CAREFULLY! And if you cant find the
framework, this wonderful website called "google" usually helps
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Wanna Play your PSP on your Computer Monitor?

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