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 A guide on how to get custom fonts on your PSP (Real Easy Way)

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PostSubject: A guide on how to get custom fonts on your PSP (Real Easy Way)   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:46 pm

1) You will first need to pick out a Font. When you save or open your
font...two files will show up, Readme and __________.ttf (true type
file) and obviously you don't need the readme file. If for some reason
a whole bunch of files show up and they all end in .ttf, you will need
to find yours. (____________ <--- that indicates the name of your
font will be there instead of the blank.)

2) Once you have picked out your font save it to your PC. Save it anywhere as long as you know where it is.

3) Next you will need the Font Hacker program (exe) for your PC. Go http://www.symbianism.com/showthread.php?t=4014 to pick it up. You will need WinRar or WinZip to open this up.

4) When you have opened it up, double click on "FHacker" and ignore the rest of the things that came with it.

5) Connect your PSP via USB.

6) Once you have started up the program select you PSP version software
where it says "Your PSP". Also select the Disk Drive your PSP come up
with. Like when you go to My Computer and select you Removable Disk.
Mine was Removable Disk (Fsmile. So go ahead and select your Removable
Disk Drive and move onto the next section.*

7) The next section is where it says "Font Designer". It will say none
in the bar so you will go and click "...". A window will pop up and you
will have to select the font that you saved. Sect it and click open.

Cool If you want to resize you font you may do so by customizing the
"Typeface Shape", "Shadow Position", and "Shadow Parameters". (I did
not do this because it seemed complicated to me.)

9) Once you have done all of that click "Add Font" and a window will
pop up telling you to type the name of your font. Type whatever name
you like and click ok.

10) The last step is to click "Install Font to the PSP". Once you do
that a message will pop up saying "After you choose a font and install
it to your PSP, you will need to activate it. To do so, run the
fonthack application from the Game menu and reboot your psp." Click
"Ok" to this message and get out of USB mode on your PSP and then go
over to Game menu and run the Font hacker program (it was automatically
installed when you clicked "install font to PSP". (ignore the corrupted

11) Once you have started the program it will do everything
automatically and it will tell you to reboot. Once you reboot you will
see your font. Enjoy!
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A guide on how to get custom fonts on your PSP (Real Easy Way)

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